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Beedo logo 80x65.png How to view my employees’ plans?

To view or confirm your employees’ plans, select menu item “Dashboards” (previously “Plans”). Select filters: specify the space, employee, plan status and date. The system will deliver the data according to your criteria. If you select one employee and indicate “Today” in the date filter, you should see the table below:


Beedo logo 80x65.png How to view plans of all employees?


To have a table of plans of all your employees, select all employees in the member filter. To spare yourself from entering all employees in the list everyday, create a member group with all your in. For more about how to create a member group, see Chapter “Frequently Asked Questions”.

If you already have a member group:

  • select menu item “Dashboards”;
  • expand the member filter and select a group (the title of the group is underlined in the example);
  • click “Show all”;
  • if you click “Save” after selecting a group, the system will give you the details of the first member in the list. To select another member in the list, you just have to click “Next” or “Previous” buttons next to the name.

Beedo logo 80x65.png How to know if the employee has already submitted his/her plan?

Open menu item “Dashboards” and filter the details of one of your employee or all of them. The table will immediately show you employees who have already submitted their plan of the day for review. The plan status depends on coloured dots and text links to possible actions in the “Actions” column.


  • new plan;
  • submitted plan;
  • approved plan;
  • rejected plan.

So, if you see a green dot, you know that the employee has already developed a plan and submitted it for review and approval.

Possible links in the “Actions” column:

  • Submit – the plan has not been submitted yet. If you want, you can plan the day and submit the plan for your employee;
  • Reject – the plan has been submitted for review. If you think that the plan is inadequate, click the link to reject it. The employee will have to re-submit the plan. The plan is deemed inadequate, where it includes low-priority works, too few or too many hours, you want to assign additional tasks, etc. Everything depends on you.
  • Revise – click the link to see changes made to the tasks after the submission of the plan: tasks deleted or added.
  • Approve – click the link to get a list of all tasks planned by your employees, which you can review and approve or reject the plan.

Beedo logo 80x65.png How to coordinate a work plan with the employee?

When the plan is already submitted for review, you will see link “Approve” and diagram icon in the “Actions” column. Click the icon. You will get a list of all tasks included in the plan of the day you selected – a task report. You can adjust the estimated duration of tasks, where necessary. Close the report.

If you think that the plan is adequate, click “Approve” in the “Actions” column. The window that opens shows priorities of the day or week, provided by the employee. You can also adjust them at your own discretion. If you are satisfied with the plan and its priorities, click “Approve” – the plan status will change to “Agreed”.

If having reviewed the list of works to be done and priorities you don’t agree with the employee’s plan, click “Reject” in the “Actions” column. Specify the grounds for rejection and click “Reject”. The plan status changes into “Rejected”.

Beedo logo 80x65.png How to view the tasks performed by the employee?

Works can be evaluated at the end of the working day. Open a task report: click diagram icon in the “Actions” column (6). Next to the icon, there is a number specifying the quantity of tasks on which the employees worked that day, but which are not evaluated. After viewing this list, you can approve the entire plan at once or every task individually.

At the bottom of the table, you can see totals of the task plan, fact, the difference between the plan and the fact:

  • planned in total
  • done of the planned in total
  • unplanned in total
  • not done in total
  • total.

Here is the example of a task report:


If the employee worked on a certain function and used buffers on the day selected, it will reflect in the task report, at the bottom. If the buffers are exceeded, you will be automatically informed about it.

Beedo logo 80x65.png How to approve a plan task by task?

A task report has grey ticks next to every task. To approve tasks one by one, click the tick next to the task concerned. In the menu that expands, select the time you want to approve – the actual time or the planned time.


The background of the approved task becomes green. The task status also changes into “Approved”. The employee can see the task status in the brackets.

Following the approval of each task, the totals at the bottom of the table will be updated accordingly. Once you are done approving the tasks, close the task report table.

For this, click “Close” in the “Actions” column.

Beedo logo 80x65.png How to approve all tasks of the day at once?

Open the employee’s task report. There are boxes next to each entry on the right side of the table, where you can tick a task. To select all tasks, click the box as shown in the example below.


After one or several tasks are selected, additional field “Approve the selected” will appear at the bottom of the table. Here you should choose which tasks of the selected ones to approve. When you are done, click “Save”.


When you are done evaluating tasks, click “Close” in the “Actions” column.

Beedo logo 80x65.png What are the target and comment fields for?

The target of the plan of the day is employee’s priority tasks or the expected result of the works done during the day. The employee, when submitting a plan for review, completes this information, but you can change the priorities at your own discretion. When you specify the target of the day, it appears in the description of the task of the plan of the day. The target is also specified in the “Priorities” column of the plan table.

The comment field is for certain observations and comments related to works planned for that day or the quality of the employee’s work. Here, you can leave a comment why too many/too few working hours are planned, ground the priorities chosen, specify the time the employee will be away in the meeting, etc. These are short messages directly related to work and the employee.

Beedo logo 80x65.png How to change time-card hours using the plan table?

If you find out that due to certain reasons the employee will not work the full day or will not work at all, you have to update the time-card accordingly. It is also relevant, if your employee works in several different spaces. Time-card hours may be changed in the plan module:

  • Change “Plans” in the main menu.
  • Find the necessary space, person and period.
  • Enter the value in the “Working h” column of the day selected – the value entered will also show up in the time-card.

Important to know:

  • A person which has member rights can change time-card hours when the plan of that day is new or submitted;
  • The manager (the owner of the space or the person who has admin rights) can change time-card hours even when the plan status is “Agreed”;
  • Such changes cannot be made in the closed day;
  • If you enter 0 hours in the “Working h” column of the time-card, the type of day will change into “A – Vocation”. In other cases, the type of day will not change.

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