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Beedo logo 80x65.png What is BeeDo Space?

Beedo space (or personal space) is a space where all the information you create is stored. You can have an unlimited number of spaces. If you are a natural entity, you will have a personal space for task planning. The information in this space will be available only to you, unless you indicate otherwise. If you are a legal entity, you will have a common zone for all your employees. In such a case, every entry (task) will be available to all persons assigned to that space. For more about spaces, see Chapters “Personal Space” and “Member Rights, Confidentiality”.

Beedo logo 80x65.png What is BeeDo Activity?

Activity. To start working with Bedoo, create one or several activities in your personal space. Activity defines the common area of tasks (e.g. growing tomatoes, car service works). Once you have created an activity, you can grant the following rights to any other Beedo member: see the activity – the person can see and edit the main information, but does not have the right to manage activity members; manage members – the person, same as you, is a full activity administrator.

Beedo logo 80x65.png How to manage user rights via Space and Activities?

Publicity of your data depends on you. By default, your personal space where you create entries is visible to you only. However, you can add more people to your space:

  • you can add a person to the “CC” of a specific task. In this way, that person will be able to follow changes in your task.
  • you can add an activity which can be accessed not only by you. In this way, when creating an activity indicate member rights: the possibility work with tasks or the possibility work both with tasks and members. These rights are assigned via the Activity editing tab concerned.

Beedo logo 80x65.png How to change Space/Activity rights?

To assign, edit or withdraw rights, click “Projects” and open the space or Activity concerned.

On the right of the editing tab that opens, you will see “Rights” field.

  1. To add a person, enter the name or e-mail address into the search field. Rights can be assigned only to persons registered in the BeeDo system.
  2. To edit the rights assigned to a certain person, click the arrow next to a person’s name. Select the type in the expandable menu.
  3. To remove a member from the space, tick the name of the person concerned. An empty box shows that the person has no rights. Attention! If you remove a person from the space, that person will be removed from all activities and projects belonging to that space.

Beedo logo 80x65.png Spaces management

Here you can manage all your spaces. Just the owner of Space can change settings. In the Spaces settings you can:

  • Enable/disable module "Plans"
  • Enable/disable module "Functions"
  • Show or hide functions in the projects lists in the project filters
  • Create default buffers
  • Create default stages of functions

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