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Beedo logo 80x65.png How to monitor your time with the timesheet?

Click “Timesheet” and complete all the fields. The system automatically assigns the current date in the date field. If the task is done, tick “Done” and click “Save”.


After saving the task, the entry will show up in the working time history table. Next to each entry there are two shortcuts:

  • click the tree to open the project tree;
  • click the pencil to open the task editing tab.


To make an entry into the existing task, put two tick marks “>>” after the comment and select a task in the menu. You only have to enter the time – space, activity and project fields will be already completed. If your task list is very long, enter first letters of the task after the tick marks to shrink the task menu.


Beedo logo 80x65.png How to change the time or comment?

Where necessary, you can edit any entry made in the working time history table.

  • Click “Timesheet”.
  • Move the mouse over the comment of the entry to be edited and click it. In the table that opens you can change the comment of the task, the start and end times, the date. Click “Save” to update the working time history table.


Beedo logo 80x65.png What is the difference between entering the task using a task and Timesheet tabs?

Entering a comment using a task tab:

  1. Click “Tasks”.
  2. Select a task and open it.
  3. Enter a comment in the comment field.
  4. Click “Save”.

Entering a comment using a history tab:

  1. Click “Timesheet”.
  2. Enter a comment, indicate the time and the task.
  3. Click “Save”.

Main differences:

  • When you enter a comment using a history tab, you have to indicate the duration – a comment is always showed in the general working time history table;
  • When you enter a comment using a task tab, it will be visible in the working time history table only if its duration is indicated;
  • In the task tab a comment may be a comment on the time spent or a simple remark.

Beedo logo 80x65.png How to edit the view of a working time history table?

To adjust the view of an history table according to your own needs:

  • Click “Timesheet”.
  • Click the wheel.

In the pop-up window you will see two fields:

  • Custom fields. Fields which are already visible in your history table. Fields of the task number and actions are marked in grey – they are always visible. You can change their position only.
  • Other possible fields. Fields that may be added and visible in the history table.


To change the position of fields in the working time history table, click the field and drag it to the place where you want it to be. In this way you can choose the fields and their arrangement. When you are done, click “Save”.

With the arrangement showed in the example, the history table looks as follows:


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